Ka Fung was established in 1984 at Macau, and has always been committed to delivering the best knowledge and service known to the region's various shipping activities and freight forwarding business. In the same year, K Line Hong Kong appointed Ka Fung to be the Macau Sub-Agent as part of their business development plan. Subsequently, we were appointed to be the Macau Agent for K Line Logistics HK Ltd. in order for us to provide a comprehensive service, extending to airfreight. 


Ka Fung successfully expanded its services to China and in 1991, the first liaison office was opened in Zhuhai. Taking advantage of CEPA mechanism, Ka Fung successfully obtained the operation license for International Freight Forwarding in Shenzhen. In order to be compliant with MOT regulation, Ka Fung also obtained NVOCC registration. Thereby the business under Ka Fung is legitimately operating in China but not limited to Guangdong province. Our Beihai office of Guangxi has also been in service since then.


Driven by constructions and foreign investments pouring intoMacau's Gaming & Hotel industry, the import business has grown exponentially. This has given Ka Fung the opportunity to provide some of the best local logistics services for the import business: from transportation to warehouse management. As a professional logistics service provider, we have set up a fleet of trucks to accommodate our clients' needs, and warehousing service (pick and pack) is also our specialty. 


For 5 consecutive years, we remain as Macau Grand Prix's Number 1 choice; providing them with efficient and trusted sea freight transportation with the support of KLine Hong Kong. 

  • Agencia de Navegacao Ka Fung Lda. (Kafung) has been established in Macau since 1984.

  • Macau sub-agent for “K” Line Hong Kong.

  • Shenzhen office “Shenzhen Jia Feng Shipping Co. Ltd. ”(嘉豐國際貨運代理(深圳)有限公司) with Class A International Freight Forwarding License set up since 2004.

  • Shenzhen office “Shenzhen Jia Feng Shipping Co. Ltd. ”(深圳市嘉豐航運有限公司-無船承運業務經營 NVOCC:MOC-NV01147). 

  • Shenzhen office “Shenzhen Jia Feng Shipping Co. Ltd. ”(深圳市嘉豐航運有限公司-國際船舶代理 MOC-VA01226).

  • Zhuhai office / PRD

  • Beihai office – Guangxi Province

For more information on how Ka Fung can assist your business in the realm of logistics services, freight forwarding and warehouse management, please contact us via email/ phone:


Macau: +853 2833 98 98

China: +86 1592 079 2757 / +86 1592 079 2758

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